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Why Use the Linux / Windows Platform?: With the Linux platform you get an open-source solution that provides an overall balance of speed, flexibility and cost. As well, Linux is an environment designed to run multiple applications simultaneously so if you are a power user then it can deliver all of your needs. A Windows environment is a much more restrictive in terms of how many applications can run at once and is designed to work with a set-up that allows a single user to run only one program at a time. If you require many different types of software to be run in your business then a Windows environment is ideal. Both are easy to set up, install and use. * While a Linux system is set up to run several different programs at once, Windows is set up to run a single program at a time. So For Whatever Purpose? : Linux can provide a number of different benefits. In some cases, it is best suited for building a network appliance or device, or something that is an appliance, because it will provide a more robust performance and better security than a Windows environment would. For example, Linux is commonly used to build a Network Router. What’s Different about Linux?: There are some differences between Windows and Linux but the biggest difference is that Windows is designed to be used with a very specific type of application. Each application is designed to work with a specific type of computer and there are set-up limitations in place to keep users from inadvertently wasting resources on the computer. Linux is more flexible and therefore more adaptable. Can I Use Both? : If your business requires a more robust and stable platform that offers better security and more capacity than Windows can provide, then you should look at using Linux. You can run both Windows and Linux at the same time on a single computer. To do this you will need two different computers or if you have a notebook or PC that can switch from the Windows platform to Linux, then you can dual-boot. This allows you to choose which environment to work with, and it is ideal for those who need to switch between work and personal life. Pros and Cons of Linux: Linux provides a number of benefits. These include: Speed – because Linux is more flexible than a Windows environment and can run multiple programs at once it performs faster. Security – Linux is generally regarded as being more secure than Windows because it is open-source and available to the public and is therefore less likely to be hacked. Performance – Linux is considered to

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